Sero Brothers

Taking over airwaves now!

Book Melbourne's freshest summer hit for your Spotify playlists and commercial and indie radio stations now at or by filling out our contact form on our home page! The Sero Brothers are the newest pop super duo sensation taking over airwaves now and they are looking for promoters and radio spots now! Their Cutie squad is also available for promo dance events, fronted by the brothers - head to their home page now to check out the 'Cutie' Official music video to watch the boys and their cuties in action!

Hey there, you cutie! Do you wanna stream me?

Want a piece of the action? Contact the Sero Brothers now to add ‘Cutie’ to your playlists, to play it on your airwave or to book the brothers for an interview or podcast! ‘Cutie’ is this summer's latest smash hit, fusing commercial bubblegum pop with an infectious chorus and 90s style boy band dance beat! Don't miss out!



Sero Brothers

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'Cutie', first single in the Sero Brothers' upcoming self titled Album, 'Sero Brothers' is a high energy explosion of summer vibes, friendship, first love and bubblegum pop with 90s boy band dance moves.

Purchase your copy now or head over to Spotify to add it to your summer playlist before it hits radios on March 1!

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